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Chemical Engineering Life (ChemEnggLife) is an organisation aimed at creating a common platform for chemical engineers around the world, which is accessible to both graduates and students. A common platform through which graduates and students can connect with industrial engineers to learn and get guidance for their future career.

Our Story

Chemical Engineering Life (ChemEnggLife) came into existence in 2021, and is driven by a single goal: to create a common platform for Chemical Engineers around the globe. The biggest challenge for new fresh graduates when they graduate from university is the uncertainty on how and where their degree will take them! There is a great deal of anxiety among students, and sometimes many do not know the full potential of their degrees, leading them into a monotonous career, thinking thats all they are best for. But just like Thomas Edison said “If we did the things we are capable of we would astound ourselves”. And that is what we aim to achieve through this organisation!

Through this organisation, we aim to introduce students and graduates with professionals of the industry. We introduce you to the chemical engineers working in different roles in order to answer questions such as "What skills do they use? How did ChemE help them get there? What can I do with a ChemE degree? and many other questions. By answering these types of questions, we want to show students how volatile their ChemE degree is and also to help graduates in planning their future careers. If that is not enough, through our mentorship programme, we connect students directly with professionals so that they can ask questions depending on their personal needs and development.

What we offer?

Join the
ChemE Community

Become a member today and join the community with all of the chemical engineers from around the globe. An opportunity to meet different chemical engineers and increase your network.

Meet Chemical Engineers!

We have interviewed different chemical engineers from different industries and countries for you to meet. Read the interviews and get an insight into chemical engineer career.

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The mentorship program is designed for ChemEs. As a mentee, you can be connected with an industrial engineer to get correct guidance to kickstart your engineering career.

for our

Register for upcoming webinars, where we invite industrial and research engineers as speakers, so that you can ask questions and learn about the industry and research topics. 

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Sign up for different courses focused on topics randing from chemical engineering, modelling, programming to job hunting. A chance for you to improve your portfolio and skills.

Learn about ChemE

We aim to create courses, notes and information about chemical engineering as a discipline for people thinking of applying to chemical engineering.

Join our

Join our Chemical Engineering forum where you can ask and answer questions to help fellow chemical engineers from around the globe.

Meet the Founder

Humzaa Imtiaz Ullah

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Humzaa Imtiaz Ullah is a chemical engineer himself and has a MSc in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Degree from the Technical University of Denmark from 2020. He has worked within different roles and recently has been working as QA Engineer within the Pharmaceutical Industry. He founded the organisation in 2021 in hopes to help fellow graduates and to unite chemical engineers from around the globe into one place.