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28. oktober 2023

Financial Modelling in Process Engineering




2 Lessons

Total Duration

3 Hours


28. okt. 2023

About the Course

"Financial Modelling in Process Engineering: Excel Solutions for Strategic Decision Making" is an advanced course designed for professionals and analysts in the technology and engineering sectors. This course provides in-depth training on financial modeling techniques specifically tailored for techno-economic analysis. Participants will learn how to integrate technical and financial data, assess project feasibility, and conduct cost-benefit analyses. The course focuses on utilizing Excel for sophisticated financial modeling, incorporating complex variables like technology costs, market demand, and scalability. Through practical case studies and interactive simulations, participants will gain expertise in creating comprehensive financial models essential for strategic decision-making in technology-driven projects and investments.

Course Schedule



28 October 2023

15:30 - 17:00

29 October 2023

15:30 - 17:00

Learning Objectives

The key learning objectives for this course are the following:

  • Introduction to Techno-Economic Analysis:

    Participants will gain an understanding of the principles and importance of techno-economic analysis in technology projects. The course will emphasize the integration of technical and financial aspects for comprehensive evaluation.

  • Data Integration and Assumptions:

    This module covers techniques for integrating technical data (engineering parameters, production capabilities) with financial data. Participants will learn how to define and validate assumptions critical for accurate modeling.

  • Cost Structures and Investment Appraisal:

    Participants will explore various cost structures, including fixed costs, variable costs, and capital expenditures. The course will cover investment appraisal methods such as Net Present Value (NPV) and Internal Rate of Return (IRR) specific to techno-economic analyses.

  • Sensitivity Analysis and Risk Assessment:

    This segment focuses on sensitivity analysis techniques, allowing participants to assess the impact of varying parameters on project outcomes. Participants will also learn risk assessment methods and risk mitigation strategies in techno-economic modeling.

  • Integration of Excel Functions for Complex Modeling:

    Participants will learn advanced Excel functions and tools specific to techno-economic analysis. Topics include using lookup functions, Goal Seek, and Solver for optimizing project parameters and maximizing profitability.

  • Real-Life Case Studies and Simulation Exercises:

    Participants will engage in real-life case studies and simulation representing diverse technology sectors. This will involve hands-on financial modeling tasks, allowing participants to apply learned techniques to practical scenarios.

Your Instructor

Humzaa Imtiaz Ullah

Humzaa Imtiaz is a graduate of MSc in Chemical Engineering from Technical University of Denmark, where he specialised with a major in Process Engineering and a minor in Energy & Environmental Engineering. He comes with extensive expertise in techno-economic analysis, demonstrating exceptional skills in evaluating the economic viability of industrial processes. As the First Author of a groundbreaking publication and a valuable Co-Author on another, he has showcased proficiency in conducting in-depth research and presenting complex findings in a comprehensible manner. With a proven track record in analyzing diverse industrial cases, he brings practical insights into the economic aspects of chemical engineering projects.

Humzaa Imtiaz Ullah

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