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Discover the world through the eyes of chemical engineers.

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Mentorship Program

CHEMENGG Mentorship programme is specifically created for chemical engineers, with the aim of connecting students with professionals, who "have been there in the same situation" and get an opportunity to get guidance in making improved plans and decisions for their future careers.

Get connected with an Industrial or Research Engineer to streamline your future career!

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About Chemical Engineering Life (ChemEnggLife)

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Chemical Engineering Life (ChemEnggLife) is an organisation aimed at creating a community for chemical engineers around the globe, which is both beneficial and accessible to students and young graduates. The aim of ChemEnggLife is to minimise the gap between students/graduates and the industry.

We wish to connect them with industrial engineers, so that they can get a chance to ask questions and prepare themselves for their future career.

Why become a Member?

Connect with Other Chemical Engineers

Connect with other chemical engineers who are members of the organisation and expand your professional network.

Mentorship Program

Join the mentorship program focused on pairing graduates and students with industrial engineers, so that they can ask right people the right questions.

Ask & Learn

Join our forum built for chemical engineers. use the platform to ask questions regarding chemical engineering and job hunting and much more.

Register for Webinars

Register for our webinars and get a chance to talk to different chemicals engineer to learn about their careers and research topics. 

Take Courses

Register for our courses on topics from chemical engineering to CV making. Always stay updated and learn from the best of their fields.

Suggestion for future graduates?

"Work at the industry as an intern to learn. It's the best experience that you will get. Understand how the theory of the courses is applied in the real world, so will get easier when you start work as an engineer. "        
Caroline Hemann Pereira
Chemical Engineer within Cosmetics

Meet Chemical Engineers

Read interviews with different chemical engineers from around the world working in different industries and fields to see what responsibilities they have and also to learn about different career choices.

Are you a Chemical Engineer and wish to share your experience?

Register for the upcoming events!!

Get a chance to meet differnet chemical engineers and ask them questions about their career, work or anything! Become a Member and Register for different webinars with different chemical engineers!

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