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Understanding Techno-Economics in ChemE

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Course Objectives

==== Lesson 1 (1h 30min) 1) Introduction to Techno-Economic Analysis. A brief introduction to what is techno-economic analysis and how it can be used in process design in chemical engineering. 2) Economic Metrics for the analysis. Introduction to the formulas and meaning of the different economic metrics including Return on Investment, Net Present Value, Payback Period and Discounted Rate of Return. Additionally, at the other metrics for economic analysis. 3) General process for performing the analysis The complete process of performing the techno-economic analysis for a process design, with focus on the data gathering, considerations and calculations. 4) Case Study Introduction to the case study which will be used for the course. ==== Lesson 2 (1h 30min) 1) Introduction to Case Study Introduction to the case study and the process design. 2) Gathering the data for the techno-economic analysis for the process design. The data for Mass/Energy Balance, Equipment Sizing and other relevant information for the case study. We will look at the considerations when gathering the data and ways of verifying the data. 3) Setting up the calculations using Excel We will look at how the entire process and calculations can be set up using excel for quick calculations. ==== Lesson 3 (1h 30min) 1) Calculation of Economic Metrics We will have a look at all of the calculated metrics using excel, and understand the relevance of the numbers in the big picture. 2) Sensitivity Analysis We will look at the need of the sensitivity analysis and how it can be performed on the calculations. 3) Final conclusion for the case study We will look at what sort of conclusion can be achieved from the calculations and the numbers, and what it truly means for the case study.

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If you can not attend the course, then make sure to let us know at least 2 business days before the start date.

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