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The podcast to learn about chemical engineering from professionals

Watch our podcast "Decoding Chemical Engineering", in which we host live interviews with different chemical engineers and industrial professionals to ask them about their education, career and industry. All of podcasts episodes are published on our Youtube Channel @ChemEnggLife, so remember to subscribe and get updated when a new episode comes out!

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Recycling Factory

Episode 11

Talking with THE Chemical Engineering Guy!

We sat down with Oscar Ortega, who is famously known as The Chemical Engineering Guy! We got a chance to talk to him about his industrial experience, job prospects in mexico and most importantly, about his platform and how it helps different chemical engineers!

Episode 10

Starting your own consultancy firm as a young graduate - With M. Saud Khalid

We sat down with M. Saud Khalid, who graduated with his Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Gujrat, and then having worked for a few years in the industry has started off with his own consultancy firm in process engineering.

Episode 9

Talking about BS in ChemE and about the perfect YouTube Channel - With Juproop Singh

We sat down with Juproop Singh, who is pursuing his BS in the Imperial College London and is also the founder of the successful youtube channel, ChemEngWeekly.

Episode 8

Pursuing a MS in ChemE after Environmental Engineering - With Panagiotis Dimitriou

We sat down with Panagiotis, who is a graduate of BS in Environmental Engineering and later has done a MS in Chemical Engineering. We talked about the connection between the two degrees and about his experience.

Episode 7

Working as a Chemical Engineer in Saudi Arabia - With Abusaad Kazi

We sat down with Abusaad to talk about his experience of working as a chemical engineer in Saudi Arabia within the Oil and Paint industry.

Episode 6

Starting and running a consultancy firm for chemical industry - with Yasir Rana

We sat down with Yasir Rana, who is the founder of his own cosultancy firm in Pakistan, shortly after graduating with his BS in Chemical Engineering.

Episode 5

Pursuing a PhD in Chemical Engineering in Biorefinery - with Muven Naidoo

We sat down with Muven, who is pursuing his PhD research in South Africa within biorefinery. We talked about his PhD experience and also about the future of biorefineries.

Episode 4

Optimisation Techniques and uses in Chemical Engineering - with Henry Susilo

We sat down with Henry to talk about the place and uses of simulations and optimisations within chemical engineering.

Episode 3

The connection between data science and chemical engineering - with Tyler Gee

We sat down with Tyler to learn about the connection between data science and chemical engineering. At the same time, how can future chemical engineers break into the data science industry with the skills from ChemE degree.

Episode 2

Working in the Oil Industry as a Chemical Engineer - with Faiz Omar

We sat down with Faiz to talk about his education experience from Australia and also about his experience of working in the Oil Industry as a Distillation Specialist.

Episode 1

Pursuing an Erasmus Mundus Program in Europe in Chemical Engineering - with Anusha Bhatt

We sat down with Anusha, who is pursuing her MS in the erasmus mundus program and to learn more about her experience and future plans.

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