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Decoding Chemical Engineering

Watch our podcast "Decoding Chemical Engineering", in which we host live interviews with different chemical engineers and industrial professionals to ask them about their education, career and industry. All of podcasts episodes are published on our Youtube Channel @ChemEnggLife, so remember to subscribe and get updated when a new episode comes out!

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Recycling Factory
Decoding Chemical Engineering Podcast

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Interviews with different chemical engineers

We have held multiple interviews with chemical engineers working in different industries and field, so that you can see how it is like to work as a chemical engineer in real life! So check out our interviews and learn about a normal workday in the life of a chemical engineer.

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Suggestions for future graduates?

"“I would suggest them to focus on learning the core skills, focus on getting any job they can during their degrees so that they can have a real-life experience. Also, I would suggest everyone to use the opportunity to get a thesis with a company and apply their knowledge in the real world. But most importantly, enjoy the time!”"

Do you wish to share your experience as a Chemical Engineer?

Are you a Chemical Engineer, currently studying or working in the industry or doing research, then we would love to hear from you!

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