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Privacy Policy

Chemical Engineering Life (“ChemEnggLife”) takes your privacy very seriously and is committed to protecting your information. ChemEnggLife is an organisation aimed at creating a common platform for chemical engineers around the globe. A platform where different chemical engineers from different countries can connect with each other for personal and professional growth and guidance. This privacy policy describes how we collect and handle your personal and professional information. This privacy policy does not apply to information that you submit directly to third parties, including the organisation and individuals with which you connect through ChemEnggLife. None of your information is sold or rented to any third party.

A) Information we collect about you

Different information about you is collected by during different services of the organisation. The following terms apply for the collection of information:

A.1. The information provided by the user

A.1.1. Account Creation

When you create an account to be a ChemEnggLife member, you are required to provide different personal and professional information. The following personal information is required for the account creation:

  1. First Name

  2. Last Name

  3. Email

  4. Profile Photo

  5. Phone

  6. Nationality

  7. Current Country

Furthermore, we may collect further information about your professional career, including but not limited to:

  1. Current Position at Current Company

  2. Work Experience

  3. Bachelors Alma Matter, Grad Year and Degree Title

  4. If applicable, MSc Alma Matter, Grad Year and Degree Title

  5. If applicable, PhD Alma Matter, Grad Year and Degree Title

  6. Interests for learning about

  7. Skilled In

  8. LinkedIn Profile Link

 The above information is collected to: (1) understand your professional career, (2) communicate and interact with you, (3) communicate, inform and share relevant activities such as webinars, surveys, courses and others, (4) to allow other members to connect and interact with you. Not all of the provided information during account sign up is made public for other members, and kindly see Section B of this policy for more information on what information is shared and kept private. The information which is made public to other members and kept private can also be viewed in “My Account” within your profile menu.


A.1.2. Mentorship Program

Upon signing up as a Mentor/Mentee, you are asked to provide more information including but not limited to such as name, current position, alma matter, country, nationality,  and future goals. The information provided by you during the sign up for the mentorship program is to be used to help us connect the mentees with correct mentors for their professional growth. We present your name, profile picture, country and description as Mentors and Mentee at our webpage for general public. See Section B for more information.

A.1.3. Additional Information you provide as a user

Apart from the information mentioned above, additional information provided by you as a user can include the following:

  • Payment data and the method you use to pay for the services of ChemEnggLife.

  • Information provided in forms and surveys being held by ChemEnggLife.

  • Information provided by you within the interviews, forum and groups of ChemEnggLife. We reserve the right to moderate the channels and block the content if against our terms.


A.1.4. Information gathered for the interviews

If you have been invited for an interview, we may ask different questions about your education and whenever applicable, also about industrial job experience, PhD experience, job search and future plans. We also ask the interviewees for their pictures from university or workplace. It is your responsibility to make sure that the information you are providing is in compliance with your employers privacy policy. By providing the answers and pictures, you consent to us using and publishing the article on our website and to be used for our monthly newsletter/magazine. Your interview pictures may be used on our social media accounts for advertisement.


A.1.5. Sensitive Information

Information related to your racial or ethnic origin, political opinion, religion or other beliefs, health or sex life and other similar information may be considered “Sensitive Information” under certain applicable law. We do not collect any of the sensitive information and we do not discriminate towards anyone on the basis of their personal, ethical, religious or sexual preferences. We however may collect information related to your country, so that we can better pair you with mentor/mentee to minimise language barriers if any. By entering such information, you consent and agree that we may use such information in accordance with this Policy.


A.2. The information we gather about from other sources

When creating your membership account and/or signing up for the mentorship program, you are asked to provide your LinkedIn account. By doing so, you consent us to read your profile and learn about your professional experience provided on your profile.


A.3. The information from cookies

When you visit the website, our system automatically may collect data including your location information, how you arrived on the website, webpages you viewed, interviews reads and likes, links you clicked on the website and so on. None of this collected data identifies you individually. We use this data only to measure the effectiveness and services of our website and to further improve our services and websites. We stores cookies, which may allow third parties to learn about you.


B) Information we share

ChemEnggLife does not sell your information to any third party. The sharing of your information is done so under the following conditions:


B.1.) Information shared with other members

  • Account Personal Information: Some of the information that you provide during your account creation is shared with other members of the organisation. The shared information can be viewed under the “My Account” tab in your member menu. The purpose of sharing information with the other members is to promote different members being able to connect with each other based on mutual chemical engineering interests and expertise.

  • Group Information: Any information shared within the group area such as Questions, Answers, media, personal data by the user him/herself, then that information is also shared with the other users.

  • Forum: Any information shared within the chemical engineering forums including questions, Answers, media and the personal data by the user him/herself, then that information is also shared with the other users.


B.2.) Information shared with general public

The following information about is shared with the general public visiting the website:

  • Chemical Engineering Forum: Questions or answers submitted into the chemical engineering forum may be viewable by the general public visiting the website, including any personal data included in the questions or comments, which have been submitted by the users.

  • Mentors/Mentee Information: A specific page is dedicated for allowing the general public to meet the mentor/mentee. If you have signed up as a mentee/mentor, then your picture, current position and short bio is shared with the general public. This is done to share the profiles currently active in the mentorship program, so that the future signees can get an idea of the scope of the program.

  • Interview Questions/Answers: If you have been invited for an interview and your interview has been published. Within the interview text, the provides answers and pictures are shared with the genera visitors of the website.


B.3.) Information shared with third party

The following information may be shared with the third party:

  • External Course Lecturer: Upon signing up for the course(s), your information such as name, current occupation, contact information, attendance status and other relevant information may be shared with the lecturer of the courses.

  • Webinar Host: When using an external webinar hosting service, we may have to provide your name and email to sign up for the webinar invites.


C) Data Retention

We may store your information as long as you remain a member of the organisation. Upon deleting your account, your entire information is also deleted from the system.


D) Update to the Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to update this privacy policy. All of the members will be notified of the updated privacy policy.

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