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Course JS-2400M2

Strategies for Success: A Comprehensive Workshop on Mastering Interviews for job search

Humzaa Imtiaz Ullah

Humzaa Imtiaz Ullah


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See schedule

Course Description

Prepare to ace your next job interview with our comprehensive course on mastering job interviews. Tailored for professionals at all career levels, this course equips you with the skills and strategies needed to navigate the interview process confidently and successfully. From understanding common interview questions to mastering effective communication techniques and body language, you'll learn how to showcase your strengths, impress employers, and land your dream job. Whether you're preparing for your first interview or looking to enhance your interview skills, this course will give you the competitive edge you need to excel in any interview scenario.

Learning  Objectives

The key learning objectives for this course are the following:

  • Understand the Interview Process: Gain insight into the structure and dynamics of job interviews, including common interview formats and expectations.

  • Master Effective Communication: Develop strong communication skills, including active listening, clear articulation, and confident speaking, to convey your qualifications and professionalism effectively during interviews.

  • Navigate Behavioural Interview Questions: Learn strategies for answering behavioural interview questions, including the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) technique, to provide concise and compelling examples of your skills and experiences.

  • Handle Challenging Questions with Confidence: Gain confidence in addressing challenging interview questions, such as those about weaknesses or gaps in your resume, using positive framing and strategic responses.

  • Showcase Your Soft Skills: Learn how to highlight your soft skills, such as teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving, through storytelling and examples that demonstrate your fit for the role and company culture.

  • Master Nonverbal Communication: Understand the importance of body language and nonverbal cues in making a positive impression during interviews, and learn techniques for projecting confidence and professionalism.

Course Schedule

Lesson: Crafting Your Professional Story: A Comprehensive CV Workshop

2 Hours | Every 2 weeks on Tuesday (19:00-21:00) or Sunday (11:00-13:00) from 25th March 2024 | All times are in GMT+1

In this comprehensive session, participants will receive expert guidance and practical strategies to master the art of job interviews. From understanding interview dynamics to mastering effective communication techniques and handling challenging questions, participants will gain the essential skills needed to succeed in any interview scenario. Through interactive discussions, role-playing activities, and guided practice, participants will learn how to showcase their strengths, convey their suitability for the role, and leave a lasting impression on potential employers. By the end of the session, participants will feel confident and prepared to navigate job interviews with ease and professionalism, setting themselves up for success in their job search.

Humzaa Imtiaz Ullah

Humzaa Imtiaz Ullah

Course Instructor

Chemical Engineer

Meet Humzaa Imtiaz, a distinguished Chemical Engineer with a passion for both academia and industry. Humzaa holds a BSc and MSc in Chemical Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark, specialising in Process Engineering and complementing it with a minor in Energy and Environmental Engineering. Beyond academia, Humzaa’s expertise extends to the realm of research, where he has authored and co-authored publications focusing on process design and engineering. With a commitment to excellence, Humzaa has empowered countless learners to achieve their goals. Through his engaging teaching style and hands-on approach, he creates an interactive learning environment where students can flourish. His dedication to fostering a collaborative atmosphere ensures that every participant feels supported and motivated to excel. With extensive industrial experience spanning roles as diverse as Analyst, Research Assistant, Supplier Quality Engineer, Project Manager, and QMS Engineer in sectors including cement, IT, and pharma, XYZ brings a wealth of practical knowledge to the table. Join this course and unlock your potential alongside a seasoned expert committed to your success.

Any  Questions?

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