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 We host webinars with experienced professionals on various topics focusing on chemical engineering and other related disciplines. All of our webinars are open for sign to all applicants around the globe! If you wish to join our webinars, then check out our upcoming webinars and Sign Up today!

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Missed a Webinar?

If you are not able to attend our webinars in the past, then do not worry, because all of the webinars are made available on our youtube channel, so that you can watch them later at your convenience. Please note, that the attendance certificate is only provided for the people, who attend our live webinars. So if you had signed up, and could not attend, you will not be given a certificate.

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What types of webinars do we host?


The focus of these webinars is to provide a workshop on different topics for graduates and students to see the practical use of ChemE in industry.


The focus of these webinars is a conference with more than one speaker to discuss different topics relevant for professionals.

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Skills and Integrity for Research Positions and Industrial Experience

With Adil Mehmood

11 May 2024, 11:00 (UTC+1)


Research integrity as well as personal work integrity is often neglected a part of earlier student life. However, research integrity is the only factor that is valuable and a key stone for achieving excellence in academia. The webinar focuses on what are the important skills required for industry as well as academia to get entry as well as to achieve the milestones earlier than others.

Industrial Machinery

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We value feedback gathered from the attendees after each event. The gathered feedback is then used to further improve the future webinars and to bring the best out of the initiative.

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