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See our upcoming events and register to take part in the upcoming webinars and do not miss your chance to learn directly from the industrial professionals!


 We host webinars with experienced professionals on various topics focusing on chemical engineering and other related disciplines. All of our webinars are open for sign to all applicants around the globe! If you wish to join our webinars, then check out our upcoming webinars and Sign Up today!

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Missed a Webinar?

If you are not able to attend our webinars in the past, then do not worry, because all of the webinars are made available on our youtube channel, so that you can watch them later at your convenience. Please note, that the attendance certificate is only provided for the people, who attend our live webinars. So if you had signed up, and could not attend, you will not be given a certificate.

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What types of webinars do we host?


The focus of these webinars is to provide a workshop on different topics for graduates and students to see the practical use of ChemE in industry.


The focus of these webinars is a conference with more than one speaker to discuss different topics relevant for professionals.

See our Upcoming Webinars!


Understanding the Economic Metrics for Process Design Proftibaility

With Humzaa Imtiaz Ullah

24 November 2023, 17:00 (DK Time)


Unlock the secrets of process design profitability in this webinar! Delve into essential metrics like ROI, NPV, and payback period, discovering their impact on decision-making and efficiency. Elevate your approach to process design for optimal financial success. Register now for practical insights and strategies.

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Mastering the Art of acing Job Interviews

With Humzaa Imtiaz Ullah

25 November 2023, 11:00 (DK Time)


Uncover the secrets to interview success in our webinar. From strategic preparation to confidently navigating various interview formats, gain the skills to leave a lasting impression. Elevate your career prospects by mastering the art of job interviews. Register now for a transformative session that

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Mastering the use of Pivot tables in Excel for making interactive dashboards

With Humzaa Imtiaz Ullah

26 November 2023, 11:00 (DK Time)


Essential for chemical engineers, this session provides hands-on insights into creating, customizing, and applying pivot tables in Excel. Elevate your data analysis skills and transform complex information into actionable intelligence.

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Understanding the Advances Excel Formulas and Functions

With Humzaa Imtiaz Ullah

02 December 2023, 12:00 (DK Time)


Elevate your data mastery with our webinar, "Advanced Excel Formulas and Functions." Tailored for chemical engineers, this session unveils the intricacies of VLOOKUP, INDEX-MATCH, and other advanced functions. Gain hands-on expertise in advanced Excel functionalities, empowering you to optimize data manipulation and analytical processes.


Basics of Heat Exchanger Design

With Humzaa Imtiaz Ullah

03 December 2023, 12:00 (DK Time)


Optimize energy usage in chemical processes with our webinar, "Basics of Heat Exchanger Design." Tailored for chemical engineers, this session provides a foundational understanding of heat transfer principles, types of heat exchangers, and essential considerations for designing efficient heat exchange systems.

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See what the others had to say about our webinars!

We value feedback gathered from the attendees after each event. The gathered feedback is then used to further improve the future webinars and to bring the best out of the initiative.

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