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Convo with Abusaad Kazi (Chemical Engineer in Paint Industry)

This week we sat down with Abusaad Kazi, who is a chemical engineer, and has been working in the Paint Industry in Saudi Arabia for 7+ years. He graduated from BS in Chemical Engineering from MGM College of Engineering & Technology.

After his graduation, he has held multiple positions in the industry and is currently working as a Chemical Engineer within the Paint Industry in Saudi Arabia. We are truly grateful to have sat down with him to talk about chemical engineering and his experience among other topics.

Watch the entire podcast with him below:

Motivation to enter ChemE

Einstein said "It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge". We can all agree that teachers are the pillar of our society and they have the ability to make a HUGE difference in the lives of their students! One such example is of Abusaad Kazi, who when asked about his motivation to enter chemical engineering, said that his decision was strongly influenced by the great and influential teachers he has had! So listen to what he said in the following segment.

Industrial Experience

Being a fresh graduate, you do not have much choice when it comes to getting your first job. You do not have much to offer other than your degree and do not have the luxury to choose your job - and many times, you just have to take the first offer that comes your way! As part of our podcast, we asked Abusaad Kazi about when he started his career as a chemical engineer in India. He shared his story about he used to contact the companies, and how was his first trainee position.

A lot of times when people think of chemical engineers working in Saudi Arabia, they always think of Oil and Gas sector. Which is understandable, since Saudi Arabia is the industrial hub of this industry. But people forget that Saudi Arabia is also home to many other industries and opportunities for chemical engineers. Therefore, we asked Abusaad Kazi about this industrial experience in Saudi Arabia, where he has been working for 7 years in different engineering roles. He has worked within the Production and then also with clients. So he has a very broad experience from different roles and sectors.

You will find chemical engineers in every sector and industry, because the industrial applicability of chemical engineering is really broad! In recent times, chemical engineers have even entered newer industries, which were not common for chemical engineers in the past. Even then, when we think of chemical engineering, paint industry doesnt directly come to mind, but it is one of the main industries where chemical engineering is used. Therefore, we asked Abusaad Kazi about the role of chemical engineering in the paint industry. He has been working for 7 years in the industry, and hence had some very valuable insights into the question.

Moving to Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia is an attractive country for engineers, especially chemical engineers. Still the main question remains that how to get there? What are the requirements and steps in order to reach Saudi Arabia as a chemical engineer. Abusaad who went to work for in Saudi Arabia and has been succesfully working there in senior engineering roles is the perfect person to ask! Hence, watch the following segment to listen to what he had to share.

Before moving to a new country, it is a good idea to know that the country you are moving to has ample and attractive opportunities for your profession, Therefore, we asked Abusaad about the chemical engineering prospects in Saudi Arabia, and listen to what he had to share by watching the clip below.

Suggestion for Future Graduates

If I had a Time Machine

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