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Talk with Kaleem Ullah (Chemical Engineer and Freelancer)

This week we has a chance to have a conversation with another competent chemical engineer, Kaleem Ullah. He is an alumni of UET Peshawar with a BE in Chemical Engineering with remarkable results. He was the Gold Medalist of his Batch 2016-20 and it is something to be very proud of. Currently, he is pursuing his MS in Process Systems Engineering from the prestigious National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) and is expected to graduate in 2022.

He has robust understanding of chemical engineering disciplines. He has had multiple engineering internship positions during this university years within different companies. Currently, while studying for his MS, he is working as a Chemical Engineering Assistant at Fiverr offering teaching services in chemical engineering topics to people around the world.


What university did you study at? What was the official name of your degree?

I have studied at UET Peshawar with a BSc Chemical Engineering and graduated in 2020. I am currently studying MS in Process Systems Engineering at National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST).

How was the workload of your degree? What did you spend most time on?

Passed around 40 subjects throughout my 4 years career. I gave almost equal time to every subject.

Was there a lot of chemistry in your curriculum?

Not that much, chemical engineering is not basically related to chemistry. Both are different fields having its own importance.

What topics did you find the most difficult during your degree?

Mass Transfer Subjects, Transport Phenomena

What line did you choose to focus during your degree?

I focused mostly on Modelling and Simulation because nowadays industry is moving towards software side and need aid of computer knowledge.

In your opinion, what software or programs are vital for chemical engineers to learn?

I think as a chemical engineering student, fresh graduate or post graduate You must have a prior knowledge of Modelling and simulations for which we have different softwares including both paid and open source softwares like Aspen hysys, Aspen Plus, DWSIM etc.

Also for Heat exchanger network design a chemical engineering student must have knowledge of HINT software too.

You are a gold Medalist of your batch. If you could share some studying or time planning tricks for other graduates?

If there is any student, specially those having top position in his/her batch till 5th semester and they want to become a Gold Medalist, he should manage things given below

  1. Time Management

  2. Limited engagement in extra curricular activities, I Repeat LIMITED. I am not against extra curricular activities instead they are so important in our lives.

  3. If you cannot complete your daily work daily, then at-least complete your weekly work weekly please.

Did you have student jobs during or between your education? How did you get them? Where did you work? How did it help your education or future career?

It wasn't a Job but an Internship. I completed two internships during my studies and it made me get some practical knowledge of otherwise bookish information.

Work Experience

You have had many internships during your studies. Was easy it to find time during your studies?

Yeah that was quite easy to find the time, I engaged myself in internships during summer break after every 2 semesters. So therefore it did not interfere with my studies.

How did you find those internships? What methods or tricks did you use?

I found these internships by myself, just went to the Industrial state nearby and choose the chemical industry to gain experience in that and I contacted them through proper channel and offered an internship opportunity there.

You mentioned that you are currently working at Fiverr. What do you do at Fiverr? What services do you provide?

I work on Fiverr as a Chemical engineering assistant, sometimes during any project and task or studying any topic, a student get stuck and cannot proceed further without proper guidance.

So i am providing teaching kind of services to teach students online different types of ChemE subjects like Process Control, Unit Operations, Chemical Reaction engineering, Heat Transfer, mass transfer etc. I have taught many students online from different countries like Canada, US, UK, UAE etc. and they found me the best guide.

If someone wants to get in touch with you on Fiverr, how can they do it?

Yeah, its so simple to contact me through Fiverr. I am just sharing my Fiverr Profile Link below where any chemical engineering student, graduate need assistance in chemical engineering subjects. I will be there for them.

Fiverr seems like a nice way for the students to make a little extra money beside their education? What can you tell us about it?

Yeah fiverr is very best and easy platform for everyone to earn money at home without going and searching for a job. If you are from a developing country like Pakistan and in a week you earn 100$, It’s a big achievement for any student from Pakistan they can relate.

How can one be successful on Fiverr like you? How much time should people expect to put in?

Its easy to start working on fiverr. Just join Fiverr via. their link, and then sign up, create your account, introduce yourself, your experience, your abilities to the people who need you in your specific skills. The next step is to create a "Gig" in the specific area where you find yourself expert in and then share it with people at different professional platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, study groups etc.

What are you future plans for your career? What industry do you wish to work in? What industry is prevalent in your country?

Along with freelancing, I want to join Oil and Gas sector in Pakistan and would provide my best of best for the benefit of the organization and country. In our country different industries like, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Fertilizer, Cement are at top these days.

Any suggestions for future graduates? Something they should be doing while they are still in university getting their degree.

Focus on studies and Please get in Love with softwares. Addtionally they should focus on Research and Development, Communucation Skills and Software skills.


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